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Body Mist Multipack

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A must-have daily essential collection to help your body rebalance throughout the day! 

Our Rebalancing Body Mist range consists of a mix of OLEU LIFE mists made with 100% pure essential oils that will provide you with natural therapeutical benefits to find balance throughout the day. A daily ritual from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. 

All our products are travel size and easy to carry around on your daily basis so you can have it at hand to re-apply during the day and on those occasions when they are most needed.


Wake up in the morning and help your senses awaken with the gentle aroma of citrus and mint. Enjoy the uplifting feeling that energises your body and mind and set the positive vibes for the day with our Energising Body Mist!

We all know that throughout the day there can be some moments where our inner balance might not be in tune. Take a mindful moment, spray some of OLEU LIFE's Calming Body Mist and renew your energy at any point needed.

The end of the day arrives, and we all need to relax and let go of everything we have accumulated along the day, allow your body to release all the tension. Close your eyes and gently mist some of our Bedtime Body Mist and do a quick 5 minutes meditation. Go through all the events of the day and release them out of your system. Set your body for a good, restful sleep.