About Us

 The Junko Dark Veggies top on Jacqui with the Gariwerd National Park in the background

The creation of Dot and Frankie came about from having too many similar conversations with people about sacrificing bold, bright colours when making environmentally friendly and ethical shopping choices. It no longer means that you need to choose fabrics and textures that were made from rough, neutral materials, and they couldn't be fun or beautiful.

We decided we needed to change that!

The idea behind Dot and Frankie is to create a place to be able to purchase gorgeous, luxurious and lovely products that are made and sourced ethically and sustainably.

And our newest step is to create our own custom clothing line that provides body positive shapes in ethical and sustainable fabrics with beautiful prints by local and Australian artists. Printed and sewn in small batches in Gariwerd and Melbourne, we can now bring you local ethical fashion designed for our customer by us!
We are constantly researching new products to find premium fashion, lifestyle, skin care and reusable items to stock in our store. These can then either be purchased online or found in our retail store in the middle of the stunning Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park in Halls Gap.

It is definitely possible to buy something that is both beautiful to use and beautiful to the planet.

About our artists

Karen Hempel

Karen is an Artist from regional Victoria. She loves colour and believe that the world needs more of it! After drawing and painting on paper and canvas for years, experimenting with various mediums such as coloured markers, gouche, pastel sticks and fabric paints she turned her hand to digital art. This has has taken her creative practice in a completely new and surprising direction.

Teggun Ashleigh

Teggun Ashleigh is a colour obsessed illustrator who loves to draw inspiration from her childhood. She is a full time foster carer, which is both extremely challenging and tiring, but also the best thing she's have ever done. Teggun finds a lot of her work is influenced by each child who has stayed with her, holding a little piece in her designs.

Teggun dabbles in oil painting, gardening, and now sewing. She loves mochas and cuddling her dogs, swimming in the ocean and the smell of campfires.

Emma Stenhouse

Emma Stenhouse is on her journey towards belonging and becoming connected with her Ngarrindjeri heritage. Her work is predominantly inspired by nature, connection to country using elements of contemporary art and traditional Iconography. A multifaceted creative, she explores diverse practices. Each piece is braided with learning, exchange between artist and viewer, a continuation of culture - a platform for cross cultural exchange. An experienced early childhood educator, Emma imparts her knowledge of culture, implementing programming including traditional indigenous creative practices guided by Gunditjmara elders. A gatherer and sharer of knowledge, she uses this to guide her own journey.

She builds capacity for others to learn and develop their own connections.

Mahalia Mabo

Mahalia Mabo is a proud Manbarra, Nywaigi and Meriam woman who comes from a long line of artists and activists. Her art represents Mahalia's connection to family, culture and country, especially the Reef and memories of her grandmother from her childhood. Proudly neurodivergent, she lets her intuition guide her, working on multiple art pieces at a time. Her love for expressing her life and surrounds through art makes each of her pieces feel exciting and alive.

Carly Flecknoe

Carly Flecknoe is the founder of Dot and Frankie. Since the inception of Dot and Frankie's own clothing line, Carly has been building her confidence in creating designs and prints for fabric. Her inspiration comes from creating bold and interesting patterns, often influenced by nature, but with a modern twist.

Sara Bowers

Stacey Rees