Solid Natural Perfume - Cinnamon Orange Patchouli - Dot and Frankie

Solid Natural Perfume - Cinnamon Orange Patchouli

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Cinnamon Orange Patchouli is exotic spicy blend that ages on the skin beautifully! Reminds people of a holiday in the tropics - sweet & rich woody notes with a citrus burst! Perfectly soothes the senses and eases away the tensions of a busy life!

Viva La Body's handmade solid perfumes are chemical free and made from natural plant based ingredients. There are no alcohols, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic preservatives or fixatives.

Simply apply to your pulse points or wherever you would normally apply perfume and smell absolutely divine!

Easy to carry in your purse or bag for quick touch ups throughout the day. Excellent value at $20 for a pot that will last months! The bonus is that the packaging is compostable! You can even plant a seedling in it when you've finished. No nasty ingredients, vegan and zero waste! Great for your skin and great for the environment!