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Smudge Spray

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Smudging is an ancient ceremonial and sacred ritual used to clear, refresh and reconnect our energetic bodies. 

This spray was created while holding that intention, a clearing, smoky scented spray with a delicate blend of sacred plant based extracts, encouraging you to reground and reconnect. 

100ml spray bottle with cap

The blend includes:

Palo Santo - otherwise known as 'holy wood' is used for clearing and cleansing energies
Vetiver - calming and grounding
Clary Sage - relaxing soothing and balancing

Other Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel

Directions: spray over head or on any part of the body your intuition guides you to at any time of the day when you are feeling ungrounded. 

We offer you this affirmation to use while you spray: I am deeply grounded and supported, I release all things that are no longer serving me.