Veggie Saver Bag - Dot and Frankie
Veggie Saver Bag - Dot and Frankie

Veggie Saver Bag

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Wet veggie bag designed to extend the life of produce in the fridge. To use simply wet & wring the bag, insert veggies & store in the fridge. The fridge then pulls moisture from the bag instead of your produce. Using a wet veggie saver bag can help extend the life of your produce for up to 2 weeks.


Please note - not all veggies are suited to wet storage. The bag can also be used for dry storage for items like mushrooms etc.


—————Color & Fabric——————-


This is for 1 Hemp & Organic Cotton Bag. Sewn with 100% cotton thread, at the very end of its lifecycle this bag will naturally return to earth.


————– Size ——————–

All items are handmade, sizing quoted is approximated.

Medium Veggie Saver Bag 29×31 cm – Fits Cos lettuce, iceberg, broccoli, cauliflower etc.
Large Veggie Saver Bag 33×42 cm – Fits Swisschard, Kale, large cos, or multiple items.


———Who, What & Where———–


All fabrics are washed in an Eco friendly laundry soap that is Free from Formaldehyde, Optic Brighteners, and Phosphates; it is safe for sensitive skin, 100% Bio-degrable, & PH neutral.

Lovingly made by a Non-smoking momma in a Non-smoking household & Pet-free environment.