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Ritual Body Oil

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This delicately hand blended body oil was created with the intention of self love and ritual. The sacred oils are carefully curated to encourage grounding, calm and wisdom while you gently and consciously apply it and travel on a sensual aromatherapy journey. The strong initial scent will fade into your skin to allow any perfumes or your choice of scent to shine through, leaving your skin moisturised and your body, mind and soul grounded and connected.

100ml dropper bottle


Cedarwood Atlas - focus, grounding, wisdom
Clary Sage - relax, soothe and balance
Lavender - reduce anxiety and stress, calming
Patchouli - musky, earthy scent
Vetiver - calming and grounding

Oil blend of olive, coconut, sweet almond, sunflower, jojoba and rosehip.