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Organic Dish Cloths

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Organic Cotton Dish Cloths

Each set contains 4 Organic Cotton Dish Cloths. Made from 100% pure organic cotton waffle fabric.

Due to the Organic Nature of this fibre there is a slight nubbing/pilling to fabric.


Unbleached Organic Cotton.

We are happy to do send other color combinations of the dish cloths, please message us with your requests.

Measures approximately 23x23cm

Seams have been overlocked & chain stitch has been sewn down. With normal use, this cloth will serve well for all your dishwashing, bench & countertop wiping needs.

Care: Machine Wash Cold
Hang Dry or Tumble Dry Low

All fabrics are washed in an Eco friendly laundry soap that is Free from Formaldehyde, Optic Brighteners, and Phosphates; it is safe for sensitive skin, 100% Bio-degrable, & PH neutral.