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Earth Magic Tea - 100g

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Inspired by Mother Earth, a blend to support the root chakra and explore ceremony of grounding and connection to nature.

The blend includes:
Damiana - deep traditional association with the root chara and sexualtity
Dandelion - grounding, anti inflammatory
Rhodiola and Schisandra - reduce adrenal fatigue, calming and balancing of the nervous system
Astragulus - immunity support and strengthens the bodys defences

Directions: steep 1.5tsp in 250ml hot water for 4-5 minutes
Our teas have been created with the intention of mindfulness and ceremony.

We offer this affirmation to repeat during the steeping time: I am centred and grounded, I am deeply connected with nature and I am exactly where I need to be.

Allow the tea to take you on your journey