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Cutlery wrap with cutlery

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There's no etter way to cut down on single-use plastics- than to grab one of these fabulous Travel Cutlery Wraps! Each wrap comes with a linen napkin and 4 pockets for you to store your reusable straw, knife, spoon and fork, or chopsticks if this is your go-to for meals.


The wrap securely stores all of the cutlery and prevents it from clattering together in your bag. The wrap can even double as a place-mat if you are in need to cover your lap or eating place at mealtimes.

The Travel Cutlery Wrap is made with 100% cotton fabric and is machine washable and can be ironed to keep it looking pretty.

Included are a bamboo fork, knife, spoon, straw and napkin.

*Handy Tip- wrap your used cutlery in the napkin and then roll up in the wrap if you need to take your utensils home to wash- this way your Travel Wrap says nice and clean.