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Travel Candle

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The perfect size candle to throw into your suitcase or overnight bag. Bring your favourite fragrance on any adventure to relax, unwind and take you away.


Lemon and Basil


An energising blend of cleansing Lemon essential oil to purify the air and centre one’s focus, and balancing Basil which awakens, cheers, and uplifts the spirit – we love this one at an office desk!


Clove and Jasmine


The spicy, warm scent of clove accentuates the sweetness of the seductive jasmine.

This powerful combination will get you out of your head and into your body, enhancing your physical awareness.

Dive deep into the moment and experience sensuality to the fullest, with the help of what can only be described as a powerful aphrodisiac. Open up and embrace the raw, magnetic power of nature. Notice the beauty surrounding you and appreciate the simple things.

Elevate your mood and AWAKEN THE SENSES, every day, unapologetically.